Axon Birch: Data Centre Colocation Hosting Manchester

Colocation Data Centres

Our colocation factilities are located on two floors of Reynolds House and also within Synergy House (see picture above). The facilities are owned and operated by Telecity and we have been there since they were originally owned by Manchester University. They house other IT equipment and super computers, and they also lease space on a wholesale basis.

data centre locations

Reynolds House
Manchester Technopark, Archway, Manchester M15 5RN - find it on Bing Maps.

Synergy House
Guildhall Close, Manchester Science Park, Manchester M15 6SY - find it on Bing Maps.


Electrical Supply Externally the colocation data centre facilities are supplied by diverse routes from a main electricity board substation.Fully redundant transformers and supplies in the Data Centres allow us to provide n+1 capability. Diesel generators with a week's fuel supply provide us with full capability to sustain long power outages and UPS in n+1 mode provides us with power to sustain load until the generator starts up as well as ensuring a clean electrical supply.

Air Conditioning provides stable air flow, temperature and humidity. Multiple air conditioning systems provide a minimum of N+1 redundancy.

Fire Detection and Suppression Our colocation data centre is protected by a full VESDA system that provides early detection of smoke so that any potential fire is detected before it can develop. In the extremely unlikely event that a fire does develop FM200 fire suppression systems are in place (FM200 is heptafluoropropane, an alternative fire suppression system agent to the ozone depleting Halon).

Security The colocation facilities have guards on site 24 hrs a day with offsite backup to deal with any major event. CCTV cameras, motion detection and a “key fob” access system ensure a high level of security with multiple layers of defence.

Network Connectivity There is a dual routed multi fibre network connecting the facilities to the Manchester Internet Exchange and Network Access Point ( using CWDM to provide multiple wavelengths and a 10 Gbit/sec data transfer rate. There are also Telcos providing connectivity directly to the colocation data centre thus providing choice and redundancy if required.