Axon Birch: 1U Colocation Server Prices

Colocation Prices and Details:

The following prices are payable monthly, if paid annually in advance there is a 5% discount. Our colocation prices come with a data transfer allowance that, in our experience, meets the needs of most customers. Should your requirements be different, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide a quote.

uk colocation prices

Power Rackspace Data Transfer per MonthIPs Price
0.25A 1U 50GB 2 £45
0.5A 2U 50GB 4 £85
0.75A 3U 100GB 4 £123
1A 4U 100GB 4 £160
1.25A 5U 150GB 6 £197
1.5A 6U 150GB 6 £233
1.75A 7U 200GB 6 £269
2A 8U 2mbit/s CDR presented on
100mbits ethernet
6 £305
Other Please call for prices

Charges are based on the greatest usage of power, rackspace or data. All prices are exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.

Setup Fee £150 This is to cover administrative and setup costs and is applied once per customer, additional colocated servers do not incur further setup fees. The setup fee is payable in advance of hosting.

5% Yearly Discount Pay yearly in advance and recieve a 5% discount on your bill.

Minimum Term just 3 months Thereafter you can continue to host with us for just one month or many years, We ask that you pay the setup fee and the monthly fee in advance. We require just 1 month's notice for cessation of service.

IP Addresses We do not charge for assigning you additional IP addresses, however, you must be able to justify your need for IP addresses as they are a scarce resource.

Bandwidth is 100MBit/sec, unless otherwise stated.

Additional Data Transfer Allowance can be added to your account, either based on data transferred or CDR.

Customised Colocation Specifications can be setup to customers requirements, including complex multi-homed network setups. Please call or email us for a quotation.

Data Centre Access 24/7 You can visit your server at the data centre at any time provided you give us 24 hours notice (in some cases less). If you have 10U or more of colocation space with us, we can arrange to provide you with a photo ID pass that will give you unrestricted data centre access.

support services

Standard Technical Support is included in the colocation fee. This includes basic support queries and occasional reboots, we aim to provide a service to clients who are somewhat self-sufficient. We are available to resolve any problems with our service.

Advanced Technical Support is availble to troubleshoot servers, network configurations, do maintenance or other tasks as necessary. Our skills encompass Unix (RedHat/Fedora/Centos/Ubuntu Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, Solaris) and Windows.

We install and configure our own servers - both physical and virtual - and can assist with all aspects of Internet server and system configuration. Rates are £40 per half hour between 8.30am and 6.30pm and £80 per half hour at other times.